Cuba Connection


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Quote to ponder: 

“Grace flows through relationships”


Our guest:

Willie Santiago,

Cuba Connection Ministry

Former Pastor & Church Planter


Focus notes: 

  • Cuba Connection Ministry – Not an organization but a network
  • Fostering relationship for advancing the Kingdom of God for over 14 years
  • 53 years history of no relationship between the US and Cuban governments
  • 8 fold increase in Christian population in Cuba since 1960
  • The biggest Church revival in Cuba's history happening today
  • A new generation of young Christian leaders
  • “tearing down walls ministry”, the house churches of Cuba
  • Cuban emphasis on relationship in evangelism
  • Cuban missionaries to other Spanish speaking countries
  • Cuba closer than you think
  • Getting to Cuba is easier than you think
  • An invitation to the short terms missions minded
  • Suffering for Christ in 1st class accommodations and a roast pig feast awaits
  • Best utilize the skills of your missions team with advanced planning